Dean premises/amphitheater at Medical Faculty-Skopje, Majka Tereza 17 1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. 


The official language of the Workshop is English.

Workshop kit and name badge:

Upon registration you will receive a Workshop kit that includes the printed material of the Workshop and your name badge. Please wear your name badge at all times during the Workshop and to all official Workshop events.


In April the heavens above Skopje are reasonably fine with an average of a detectable 6:21 of splendid sunshine per day. The average temperature in Skopje in April is quite mild at 12.1 °C. Afternoons can be somewhat warm with average high temperatures reaching 18.5 °C. Overnight temperatures are generally cool with an average low of 5.4 °C. Also there is a range/ variation of mean daily temperatures of 13.1 °C.  The weather in April is a little parched with intermittent rain. A mere 40.4mm of water precipitates during on average 8 days. The shortest day is 12:38 long and the longest day is 13:57 long with an average length of 13:19.  There are approximately 6:47 per day when bright sunshine is absent due to cloud, haze or the sun being too low on the horizon to register.  It is sunny approximately 48.4% of daylight hours and cloudy 51.6% of daylight hours. 


Participants from certain countries may require a visa in order to travel to the republic of North Macedonia Participants are requested to check with their local North Macedonian Consulate/Embassy well in advance of their travel date. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa as necessary.

Invitation letters: 

Official letters of invitation designed to assist with obtaining an entry visa can be downloaded from the Workshop website - see Invitation Letter. Please note that such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of the Organizing Committee or Workshop to provide any financial assistance.

Liability and insurance:

The Workshop secretariat and organizers cannot accept any liability for personal accidents or loss of/damage to private property of participants of 1st Bone Marrow Transplant Workshop of Republic of North Macedonia.

Dress code: 

Informal for all occasions.

Workshop secretariat: Travel Agency "New Ways of Travel" Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
Contact: general manager - Renata Doneva | +38970226674 |